Monday, February 01, 2010

Murphy's Law

Sigh... You know, I've been really tired these last few months but have settled into a routine which pays off most of the time. I've been more on track with my projects, more organized, more "feet on the ground" type... but I am exhausted.
You can tell by the dark circles under my eyes and my pale color... but I press on because, really, what else can you do?

2009 was a weird year. Loads of good things happened and loads of bad. It seemed like I had slipped but could not, for the life of me, getting my footing... it was one thing after the other, bang, bang, BANG... and I felt like I was in an episode of Bold and the Beautiful, were at the end, everybody had been shot at least once, had had an affair with each other, had almost died, been kidnapped, almost murdered... except this was my life!!

I promised myself and my family 2010 will be different. First of all I will think before I leap. I will be faster, more efficient and fair.
All was well until the boys couldn't go back to school on time because they got sick after Christmas... then just 10 days into the new semester, we changed schools...
Another week lost trying to find a school and settle them... then for a week we fell into a nice routine, if you exclude Tuesday and Thursday, therapy days, which I cannot work in, because I need to take them to school, leave them for a 3 hrs, then drive back 50 minutes each way to take them to therapy as there was NO slot open AT ALL in any other day, time or millennial for that matter! So OK this leaves me 3 workdays, not too bad...

Before the boys going to school, I was all like: what's the big deal with school anyway? Why are parents fusing so much when the kids are out of school? I have them all day, it's not so bad...
Then I actually sent them to school... OH HOW SWEET is the solitude, how deep the sigh of relief when the school bus takes them (I drive half way to meet a school bus in the mornings, in another area but at least in the morning it saves me half the ride!)... knowing that the next 6 hours are all yours... all yours.
No wonder I am looking forward to each Monday morning...
Don't get me wrong, you know how much I adore my kids but I still need to work and earn a living since we live off my dolls. The Navy doesn't really pay and with the therapies, the special diet for John and the private school (which btw now we've changed it, we can't really afford!) and of course the loan we took out years ago to buy our tiny apartment, no wonder it all falls on me :)

Anyway, John was sick over the weekend. It started with a little cough on Thursday and by last night it was had turned into a MIGHTY WHOOPING, VOMIT INDUCING cough... and a fever (not too high) and green snot... and a child who won't eat and has turned papery white, all veins visible...but somehow is still in good enough mood to jump off the walls!!!! (WHERE does he get the energy? I WANT SOME!!)

I made arrangements for George to wait so I could take Cody to school so at least I would have one kid all day... then at about 5am... Cody started coughing!
AAAAAND of course, things wouldn't remain so simple... I got this HORRIBLE, can't describe the pain I am in, pain at the base of my skull. I have taken in 6 hrs, 2 Codeine pills and one Excedrin and I am still in pain.
I have a tumor (benign but inoperable) at the base of my skull and this hurts even more... seriously I wanted to scream from the pain...
Any home remedies?

I am slightly better now that I am upright... and I need to call the pediatrician. John has been sick twice already in 3 weeks... For the first two years of his life he was immuno-deficient, his numbers climbing slowly to the low normal after his 3rd birthday. I am wondering if we need to re-test as this recent streak of illness really reminds me of how he was when he was younger. One sneeze and he would turn it into pneumonia (and he's had bronchitis once already during the Christmas break!)

Wish us luck!!
Cute baby pics in the next message :)


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