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John & Cody Monthly

Dear John and Cody,

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today you turn 4y and 4 months old!! You are growing so fast!! Too fast if you ask me!!

Cody you weigh 55lbs and you are 46 inches tall!! You are off the percentile scales for both and weight for your age!

John you weigh 35lbs and you are 42 inches tall!! You are at the 40th percentile for weight and at the 50th for height. This has got your team of doctor's a little worried because you fell off you growth curve (4 months ago you at the 50th for weight and the 75th for height. You really do love to keep everyone on their toes!!

You are both loving your new school and are taking part in your very first school play this week!! I can't wait to come see you although your dad will be on duty that day. He will pull all strings to try and switch so he won't miss it, wish him luck please!

We celebrated Halloween in Greece (it is based on a different custom than in the US and UK so it is celebrated on a different date as well).
John you were the T-Rex from Toy Story and Cody dressed up as Sully from Monsters Inc.
You had a Halloween party at school and had a blast!!

John, you are going through an intense "mommy phase" at the moment. You are very clingy and whiny and the more audience you get, the worse it is. Hmmmm... You say you don't want to go to school every day and therapy but once you are actually IN school or therapy you are as happy as a clam! It's only when mommy is around that you put up your show ;)
You haven't been eating at school so you went back to the fortified formula but you love it and helps you get some of the calories you are not getting by eating. With your updated weight and height your BMI is at a healthy 29% so you are VERY far away from the Failure to Thrive diagnosis the new nutritionist wanted to add :) Mommy is very happy!!
Your muscle tone has improved since you started Physio with Mrs. Chrysanthe in September. Your belly is finally tucked in and firm and you can hold yourself up leaning only on your hands for quite a few seconds!
Your foot is still turning in though :(
You have managed to jump and land with both feet (hop) and you can twirl in a half turn in the air with both feet! Good job buddy!!
You still haven't mastered heel to toe yet when you walk and you refuse to wear your eye patch which might lead us to eye surgery :( C'mon buddy work with me here!! :(

Cognitively you are doing good although it is becoming obvious you are clearly behind your peers. You act more like a 3 1/2 year old rather than a 4+ year old. It's alright, you're my baby!! :) Intellectually though you are scoring at a 7 to 10 year old level which means you are VERY smart. They call you GIFTED :) it's just that your soul is still that of a baby's. You will get there :)
You had a filling this month in your back teeth. As good as that formula is for your body, it's not so good for your already weak preemie teeth :( but you need it so we will just have to stay on top of the teeth!!

You boys fell in love with Planet Protectors and Imaginext this past couple of months so we added these to our growing toy collection :)
I love you, very very much!!

Cody, you are doing great! You are SO good with concentrating and finishing tasks these days!! You are organizing your thoughts better and communicating in a linear manner so Speech and Occupational therapy are working wonders for you. You are doing great in school and you are very popular and quiet in class. You love your new school and your new friends :)
Your favorite thing to do is play Wii and since this kind of gamer addiction runs in the family (ehm, George my Dad and both my brothers!!!), we are very strict about the amount of time you are allowed on the Wii.
Unfortunately you are too smart and observant and you have learned how to unlock mom's PC and turn on the games you like in there!! Hmmmm...

Your imagination has just exploded and you LOVE to make up stories with your toys. You lie on the carpet and just make up dialogs and stories as you play. It's so cute!
You are still my cuddle love bug, and you hug and kiss me and say you love me every single day!
You are growing so fast that I can't keep up!! All your PJ's are short and we need new ones!! Your shoe size is 13 YOUTH lol :) The doctor estimates you will be between 6' 4" and 6' 7" when you grow up. You know my great-grandfather was 6' 7" and I think he passed it on to you (your dad is 6' 1" and I am 5' 7").

We have stopped swimming lessons for a few months and you guys really miss those so come March we are starting back up. You got the swine flu at your birthday and it's been downhill, sickness after sickness after cold after viruses since then. It is too cold at the moment for swimming so we are waiting for warmer days for your guys :)
I think you will enjoy it even more because your friends will be there!! :)
And mommy will enjoy it more because the SCHOOL will be taking you 2 out of the 3 times a week so mommy won't have to be driving around like crazy half the day to get you to your appointments and therapies and swimming and school.

In the morning I drive you half way and the school bus picks you up. This saves up half the time and gas for me :) In the afternoons I pick you up myself, except the two days a week you have therapy, I pick you up at 12.30 instead of 3.
Those two days are my short days and I don't get much done but it's worth it for you guys :)

Some photos for you: (click each to enlarge)
Cody as Sully at a party

John as the T-Rex from Toy Story at the same party

Cody playing air hockey! (and beating dad!)

John getting tickled by dad!

Both boys a few days after birth (when John out of the NICU)

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