Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The reason why and the cure!!

Well girls,
I bet you are all "sick" of hearing of me being sick all the time, one after the other (how many viruses are there anyway!? I think I've caught them all by now! sheesh!) right?
Well, so was I girls, so was I ... which is why I went in for some testing...

You see last night, I put the boys to bed and they conked out... the problem was *I* conked out too.. which was a bit strange because yes, I am chronically tired now, yes I am overweight which of course does not help, and yes we did have a long day involving me driving the boys to school then rushing home to pack two dolls, then rushing out two hours later to re-pick boys from school to take them to therapy and rushing home AGAIN to finishing packing said dolls, to going out AGAIN to pick the boys from therapy, driving to the other side of town where there is ONE post office that stays open late, and driving in heavy rain while trying to keep the boys awake so we can make it to the dentist (John had two fillings! ugh, preemie teeth!!)...

I had a hazy eye all day yesterday. It is pink and there is gunk coming out of it and I couldn't see very well. Of course with all the running around I didn't have time to whine about it... lol...
So the boys went to bed and I found I couldn't keep my eyes open.. LITERALLY.
My pink eye was really hurting and more gunk was coming out and I have ZERO... like Z E R O energy left by 8.30pm.
So I thought I would lie down for an hour or two until George got home and then get up and work a little... next thing I know, it's 7 AM ...

According to George, he tried several times to wake me up but I was passed out. I don't even remember him trying to wake me up...
My pink eye is still pink and hazy but much better today..
And I got my test results back and guess what? I am VERY anaemic.. like VERY VERY anaemic. The doctor looked at me and said "And you are still standing?!" and I was like Yeah buddy, I've got nerves of steel (without which I would be a noodle puddle on the floor or something).

Sooo, here's me taking a bunch of iron supplements and being ordered to rest (HA! every time I hear a doctor say that I want to pass the kids off to him and see if HE can rest!).
I should start getting my energy (and immune system) back in a couple of weeks... let's see.
Last time I was on iron supplements, I couldn't keep any of the iron in me. We tried several brands until we found one that kind of worked... and I can't eat red meat daily... I love liver (yes I am weird like that) but I am too scared of all the drugs and poisons these days that go into said liver, to eat it :(
(too bad because did I mention just how much I love liver? with lemon on it?)
So here's to the supplement working and me getting super charged :)
(I've stopped asking for a less hectic life or the boys sleeping through the night anymore. These days all I am asking for is more energy!!)

And God.. you know I don't ask much of you. When I ask for something it's usually something for someone else or for good health... but just this once, can I please have some good luck thrown my way?
Just for once can everything go smoothly? Please guide my pourer's hands so he will work swiftly and surely, delivering on time... please guide my hands also swiftly and surely so I will create what's in my heart just the way I see it?
And please God, help me achieve my goals. I don't mind working hard for them, but please, not more tripping, no more surprises and ill willed, jealous and petty people thrown my way... I've never thought bad of anyone neither was I ever jealous and wished someone harm... I am only asking for the same courtesy.


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