Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wish I could sculpt him a finger :(

Sorry guys if I was a little MIA this week.
I am still battling this chest infection for starters and also, we've had a family emergency...

You see my kid brother is a top chef.. he is really good at what he does AND he is one of those *few* remaining, decent, really NICE guys...
His previous employer basically didn't pay him... so my brother quit after years of working there... It took him a month to get a new gig and was only at his new job for two weeks when he had an accident; he lost a finger while cleaning the filters in his kitchen (he is one of those chefs who likes to clean and tidy up his own kitchen).

They retrieved most of the finger and re-attached it but he had to have a skin graft and since the tendons are gone, they are not sure how much functionality he will have... so needless to say it was a shocker. He's only got me and our dad (we all live within a block of each other) so I was a little pre-occupied this week.
I apologize if you didn't receive a reply from me, please mail me again to remind me if you didn't hear back.

Please keep my brother in your prayers, his name is Andrew.
These are the times I wish I could sculpt him a new finger with the same ease I sculpt one out of clay :(
I will keep you updated!!
Thank you in advance for your prayers...


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