Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Artist thoughts..

When I started this blog, I did so, so I could share my creations AND my thoughts with all of you... I've always believed I am nothing special really, just your ordinary girl next door. I sculpt because I LOVE it not because I want to get rich by it or become famous. It was a nice surprise when I was brought to a position where I could support my family doing what I loved... I will admit sometimes, it IS about the money... I put bread on the table with my dolls, I have no other means to support our family... but most times, it is about doing what I love... for those I love... you, the collectors, who many have become my friends over the years...

So today I want to talk about when you make something that doesn't sell...
"Daddy's Girl" from last week... didn't sell. Not even when I lowered her price by $200... Now I've got an auction that ends tomorrow, and not one bid... let's forget the financial aspect of this for a minute...
What ELSE does this mean to me?

Those who know me, know I am not a competitive person... I am not intimidated by other talented people, the opposite, I support them and help them if I can (and they ask for it :)). I think the biggest proof of this is that I teach sculpting :)

Both of the sculpts, I did with great care, loads of love and in my opinion they are Awesome!! I put a lot of work in them, in fact they each took me a long time to finish because I did them in between orders...
So when they didn't sell you know what I thought? People rejected my work :( You would think the first thought would be something like, "oh no, the power bill is up and I didn't sell like I planned to, now where will I find the money?" or "people might not have money at this time"... But no... my thoughts are "they didn't like them, I am not a good sculptor!" :(
Insecure much?

I often get e-mails filled with praise and I have been generally successful in what I do but I don't think I am "there" yet... where exactly is "there" I don't know. I just feel I still have so much to learn and there is room for much improvement... I often see sculptures by other artists, usually new ones and I think "wow I want to be like HER!"... Yeah I know, silly huh? But you see, I told you I was like everyone else :)

Going back to the issue of money though... I really hope my babies sell this week :) I really do have bills to pay lol :)


Dessa Rae said...

Hi Tina,
I am a watcher on eBay for your newborn baby girl and I see you have a bid now. Sometimes it takes a while for the new mommy to find these beautiful sculpts.
I have been a fan of yours for a long time, and I am so glad you have a blog to follow!!

I must admit that it did surprise me to know that you feel exactly the same way I feel when my sculpts don't sell on eBay...

I think all artists no matter how good they are have some degree of insecurity about their art, that is the fuel that makes us try even harder to improve.

You on the other hand in my eye are just about as perfect a sculptor as there is!!!

In my wildest imagination I can only hope to be as good as you are someday.

Good luck with your auctions and I will always be watching..

Dessa Rae

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