Thursday, February 17, 2011

Better and some eye candy...

I woke up this morning with a rotten headache... the whole back of my neck was killing me and so was the lower part of my skull.
I decided not to take the boys to school (which was a good thing as it turned out, keep reading) and because of my rotten behavior yesterday, I would make it up to them today.

So I got up, took a Panadol, and when we all got up, I took them to IKEA for breakfast (they love it) and we bought a night light we needed for their room. They picked out a blue mushroom!
Then I took them to the Playmobil FunPark where they were delighted to find that the new line "Secret Agents" was out!! When we left I bought them each a toy... I was spoiling them, I know, but this is mommy guilt...

We went to therapy, then I took them out for lunch and we had "souvlakia", a traditional Greek food, kind of like Fish and Chips, in the sense you can get it everywhere and you can eat it as you go.
At five we had an appointment for haircuts and then we visited grandma Eva for a bit, then went home, where they had a looong bath with loads of toys, while mommy checked e-mail she hadn't checked for 24hrs!
(don't worry, the bathroom is right next to my room and hey, they are five now... lol)

Then it went sour... Cody got out of the tub screaming his ear hurt. He's had a stuffy nose and productive cough for a week now but the doc said it is just a common virus, no need for antibiotics and it will clear out on it's own... turns out, the fluid built-up, hurt his inner ear even though we have been dilligent with cleaning his nose with salline and all that jazz.

I called my MIL to get me some ear drops and she brought me EYE drops!
I managed to get Cody to drink some kid Ibuprofen and he calmed down and went to sleep... John on the other hand... proceeded to throw up everything he had eatten all day, all over my bathroom... then he wouldn't go to sleep and he is now asleep behinme on my bed as I type this...

Aaaaaand looks like they won't be going to school tomorrow either... and I need to get them to the doctor to be checked out... and I won't be having my haircut I so desperately need... which is ok. I can look like a mop for a few more days, right?

And here is some eye candy for you... I can't understand why she hasn't found a mommy yet... She is SO beautiful and REAL looking, at least in person... anyhoo... here is "Daddy's Girl".
Good night and here's hoping a better day dawns on us tomorrow!!


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