Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Baby Boy"

I kinda feel sad that lately, I am so overwhelmed that I don't share as many of the sculpts I am completing with you guys but on the other hand, I like how I can connect with you via this blog, share my troubles, my thoughts... but some come in often for some eye candy so I will try and make a recent work gallery and update it often for you :)

But for now, here is a little boy I haven't shared (not available).

I think I might be getting tired lately.. the other day I was taking photos of an unbaked head and it rolled off the blanket on me just as I stepped away after arranging it, and the nose was all smooshed... then a few days ago I was packing an OOAK for the UK and ehm... I tripped over the cat (who wanted to be fed) and my hand landed on his knee and I broke his leg! Yeah... clumsy much?


Belinda said...

OH MY Tina He is perfect! I love the shape of his little head .
You just keep out doing your self
I wish you happiness!!
Hugs Belinda

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