Wednesday, February 23, 2011


First let me thank you for your kind e-mails and comments regarding my post last night :) You are soooo sweet :)

I am sick (again) and because of my blog I can now track exactly how often the boys pass something to me on a monthly basis.. It's ok, it's just a little cold, I will be fine but its relevant to what I want to tell you :)
Last night, I took a couple of pills for the cold so my nose would allow me to, you know, BREATHE during the night and went to bed..

I dreamt I was a NICU nurse (what do they PUT in those cold pills?!?!?). And I dreamed of preemies..and I was like "Oh my Gosh, I get to see a MICRO PREEMIE in the FLESH... I need to remember all this so I can SCULPT a better one!"
Yeah... there must be something really good in these pills... Don't be alarmed if a micro preemie gets sculpted in the next few days... because by golly, I was in a NICU and saw them... in the flesh... oh wait... ehmmmmm... maybe it was an out of body experience??
Whateva... I love my little green cold and flu pills ;) ;)


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