Monday, September 05, 2011

A new baby...

Ok I was tempted to title this post "A New Hope"... you know.. Star Wars? Anybody?? Am I the only sci-fi, Trekkie weirdo in the room?? *sigh*

Sculpting has been therapeutic... I still bawl my eyes out but hey, a girl's gotta eat, right? (and her kids along with her lol). So I am tentatively getting back to work. I know dad would have wanted it too.
I wanted to share Rylan with you. He is an amazing mini boy at 13" (11" with bent legs). A full term baby. I posted him for sale the other day. Here are some pics I took of him :) He is SO much better in person though! His price is 620 Euros shipped and he comes with two outfits and two pacifiers (sculpted for him) plus a toy and COA. I will consider a reasonable offer as well so contact me if you are interested.


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