Friday, May 01, 2009

Pictures & Ordering Information on New Resins

Thank you all for your kind interest in my new editions.
Please find below, some information regarding ordering, layaway and pricing of the new babies.

Small Miracle, Awake and Asleep

Small Miracle Asleep is newborn size a full 20" with bent legs. S/he wears 0-3 months and newborn size clothing comfortably. The head is 14" around.
There are six skin tones to chose from and two arm options. Lean and chubby.
The baby has a magnetic pacifier (please inform ahead of time if you do NOT want this option).
Hair options include, painted hair, wig, bald and a combination of painted and applied hair for that very newborn look.

The limbs (3/4, which are common for all three dolls) are I must say, exquisite, I went through several pairs of limbs before settling on the ones I felt were "the best and most detailed" from the lot.
This baby is a full 8lbs when completed and features a belly plate, from the chest to the genitalia (no actual genitalia).
The lips can be painted with several options and shapes/sizes so each and every baby will be different than the last.

Small Miracle Awake comes in two versions, newborn and 6-8 weeks old.
The newborn version is 20" long with legs bent (lean arms). The 6-8 weeks baby is 22" long (chubby arms only for this option).
There is a choice of 6 skin tones and about 20 eye colors to choose from including the quality of the actual eyeball; you can chose the cheaper acrylic eye (6 colors) or the more expensive hand made prosthetic crystal eye (14+ colors).
You can even chose which direction the baby will be looking at (sideways, straight, crossed eyes, up, down etc).
Of course hair color and style are the buyer's choice as well as the option for eyelashes or no lashes.
(note: because of the pate at the back of the head needed to insert the eyes, this baby will not have a painted hair option but for a very newborn look, you can choose the part applied, part painted hair)
This baby can also have a head magnet for a magnetic hair bow as well as a mouth magnet for a pacifier (warm ahead of time if you do NOT want these).

This baby also comes with an option of two sets of arms: chubby and lean. The chubby arms go better with the bigger option of 6-8 weeks. The lips can be painted in such a way, she can appear as if she is slightly smiling.
There are so many options and choices, no two dolls will be alike.

Baby Alice - Discover Dolls Show Exclusive

This extremely small edition will only be available for pre-order at the Discover Dolls Show and only for the UK.
Baby Alice is a full 20" long with bent legs and is a frowning baby with full lips.
The same options apply to Alice (she looks best with lean arms though) as far as skin tones, hair (painted is an option) and of course gender and name :)
This would also make an excellent ethnic baby :)
This is 10 doll plus APs edition.

The Small Miracles edition includes 18 dolls plus artist proofs.

The following information is the same for all three editions.

Each body has the number of the edition embroidered on the bum and each baby comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Each baby will come fully dressed in an outfit of my choice, with lots of accessories and goodies for the new mommy. The exception being the babies for the show, each will be dressed in an OOAK outfit.

The price is 900 Euros each doll plus actual shipping depending on the method you chose (super fast, traceable but pricey EMS or the slower but cheaper Air Mail) . I do not charge a handling fee.
The lists will open Sunday 7th June 2009 at 9am and pre-orders will be taken then. There will be samples of the actual resins on site so you will be able to see, feel and cuddle the doll you will getting.
** For the two babies available on the day, and only on the day, cash or PayPal payments in full, there will be an introductory, discounted price **

Layaway is available on request with a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit paid on the day. PayPal is available on the day as a payment option (I will have my laptop with me) as well as cash, sorry no money orders or personal cheques.

I will post pictures of the dolls shortly. Please note, I am NOT taking pre-orders or reservations right now so please do not e-mail me for a pre-order.
Any other questions you might have, I am happy to answer so drop me an e-mail :)


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