Friday, May 08, 2009

The baby is an hour old...

It's 2.30am here and the "Baby" is one hour old right now. It's been one hour since I cut the last thread after putting him together.
And of course the minute I put him together, I saw the flaws. I need to replace an arm as it is 1/4 longer and a little chubbier than the other :(
It's throwing off my whole perspective... and once again I am reminded why I shouldn't sculpt when my eyes are closing, thinking I could get just one more hour of work before I go to bed...

The baby, who is yet to be named, is a full 11" long with legs *very* bent. He is a robust newborn of a few days old (not so puffy/waterlodged) who I am seriously thinking about reproducing in resin.
I wanted to reproduce Michael but I am loving this little guy much, much more, so Michael will be up for sale as an OOAK, probably on eBay... Besides, Michael's head is a 2008 sculpt (and yes it took me this long to sculpt limbs for him!!) whereas this little guy is a brand new sculpt.
I avoid working on "my things" when I have obligations/people waiting on me, but I got to the point I really needed to do something I didn't *have* to do so with an hour here and an hour there although it took a month, he was born tonight.
(my son walked in limping and crying while I was typing this... he gets terrible leg cramps at night. These "growing pains" are x10 worse for him than a normal child, because he has CP and hypertonia in his legs. So I gave him a good massage and his leg muscles were so tight, like rocks, and bandaged his legs, gave him some pain killers and he seems to be drifting off to sleep again - phew!)

So anyway... I *hope* to get some time tomorrow to photograph all three babies, the new one I want to reproduce, the mini I want to sell, and Michael and hopefully post them on eBay this weekend.

I will need your input on his project though.. The question is, would you buy a smaller baby in resin provided he was ultra cute and affordable? Or do you only collect life size babies?

Post a comment with your reply if you wish :)
Crossing fingers, the boys drift back to sleep (John woke Cody up with his crying)... and that I get some shut eye too... I can count the times I slept without interruptions with the fingers of one hand since the boys were born 3.5 years ago... when do kids sleep through the night anyway? lol


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would buy a smaller resin, provided it was really cute and affordable.... affordable being the key. Everything you make is cute, so no worries there.

Zoodhie said...

Thanks Kris!! :)
Any name suggestions? I love the name Liam...

Anonymous said...

I think that is a brilliant name!!!
It's also the name of my firstborn ;)
Great minds, eh.
I was thinking about it and yes, naming your babies ( if they are editions) with titles is a great idea. Leaves room for gender and personalizing them to the specific owner. If the baby is an ooak, I think giving him/her a name works.
Mind you, there are many who get a baby with a specific name and end up changing it once they get him/her anyways.
On the flip side, with titles for names, I find, I forget who is who... I know you have a Little Wonder and a Baby Mine but I've forgotten the others (not because I think they are forgettable)... I just can't remember...a name I could remember.
Here's a question.. what is the difference between the 3 choices of your book? Softcover, hardcover and imagewrap?

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