Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rough night, dawn delivery

I had one of "those" nights... you know, the ones you don't sleep??
I stayed up until 2am on my own to finish a new baby's head I've been working on for a while, then I joined my already sleeping husband in our bed at 2.30am only to be woken up at 3.20am by John who wanted some herbal tea (common occurrence).

I gave him his tea and tried to go back to sleep but things started going around in my head, about the show, money, the kids, how I was going to manage and right there, in the dark of the night it all seemed simply too much...TOO MUCH.
Of course by this time sleep had eluded me so I got up and put the head I had finished in the oven and I sat down to watch some TV while it was being done.

John came to me once again complaining of foot pain, and since with his CP he gets cramps a lot, I massaged his legs and bandaged them which usually gets him to sleep.
Except when at 6.30am I wandered into their room, he had turned the lights on and was sitting in Cody's bed, having waken him and they were chatting!!
I was so mad at John!! Whenever they go off their schedule, the next day is H$ll so scolded them and put each into their own bed...
I went back to our room, now nursing a huge migraine and finding no relief, to get my pillows so I could try and sleep in the couch because G. was playing Mozart's 9th in his sleep (read: he was snoring like a freight train - sorry honey but you were!!) and he woke up and asked me where I was going.
Leave it to my husband to sleep through both kids hysterically crying at night, but to wake up if I tip toe in the room to sneak my pillows out so I can sleep in peace and (discomfort) errrr, quiet.
I quickly explained it was now 7am and I hadn't slept all night but he said if I dared sleep on the couch he would shoot me ;) so I climbed into bed where I fell (finally) asleep, the burden of money, the show and everything in between, temporarily forgotten as my brain turned to mash due to the lack of sleep and the migraine (and me being OLD in general lol).

So I woke up at 11.30am to find out George had taken care of the boys until then and he had even locked me IN the room so the boys couldn't get in (or at least I HOPE this is why he did it... he might have wanted to make sure I didn't slip out to, God Forbid, sleep on the couch without him lol)
SO technically I got 5 hrs of sleep last night but guess what?
I am cradling a life size, newborn, Chinese little girl right now... so totally NOT a waste at all ;)
Who needs sleep when there are babies to be made??
(please remind me of this sentence when after lunch I start nodding off, begging for a nap!!)
Pics will follow soon!


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