Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've been riding in a toooow truuuck... all daayyy long!

Here in the Kewy household, we own two cars...
A 1991 Suzuki Swift (my first car bought with the paychecks of my first job, second hand, 10 years ago) and a 1992 Renault Clio which my dad gave me last year in terrible shape and I spent 2200 Euros making it whole again.

The Swift I gave to my husband since it's a 3 door hatchback so not very practical when you have kids and I kept the Renault.
The talk has been for a WHILE now, to buy a new car. At first we wanted something affordable (second hand) that was a little newer than our Suzuki. But money was (is) very tight. So we patched up the Suzuki every time we had to, just to keep it going a few more months.

It came to a point that the engine died... gone.. bye bye!
Today I spent a little time on myself. I went to my aunt's parlor and had a pedicure. You know.. summer, flip flops... my feet looked like this all winter long but I hid them inside my furry pink slippers...
But I couldn't ignore the heat any more so I gave myself a treat of a pedicure so that when I do wear my plastic flip flops, people won't look away and kids won't scream in terror!!

So here I was, all nice and pampered, freshly done nails with matching butterfly stickers... driving in my Renault that does NOT have A/C (apparently they had not invented it yet in 1992 ;)) I was boiling hot, sweat dripping down my face, while I tried to find my husband in his dead car, who had stopped somewhere in the highway.
(which is not easy when he is screaming in your ear and gives you NO landmarks, or street names etc - I was going blind, took me an hour to see him!!)

So I get there.. I am a mechanic's daughter so I know a little about engines... so I got my jump-wires out and tried to start the Suzuki... no go.
So I revved up the Renault a little and though I could see the Suzuki drawing power, the engine wouldn't start...which means it's not its usual battery trouble but rather an engine problem.
At this point we called for a tow truck... and waited a full hour under the hot sun, at the side of a BUSY freeway... by the time I got home, I was covered in exhaust fumes and my pretty toes were as black as my flip flops :(

I felt better after a shower... and now some difficult decisions must be made; patch the Suzuki up and hope it lasts another couple of months... or go find a cheap second hand one and pay in installments?

One thing is for sure though... with G's Naval base so far away and the boys' therapies and classes at the other side of town, we BOTH need a car each... it simply doesn't work with one car.

Yes, I know... God never gives me more than I can handle... I just wished He didn't trust me quite so much!!!!


Cheryl Prater said...

Hi Tina - love your little preemies. Here's a list of things we have in common:

1. I have twin boys, too, they were 29 weekers, now 13. Reese and Connor (Aristides kai Costadino).

2. As you may have suspected from the names, O patera mou einai apo Ellatha.

3. I am a polymer clay freak.

Come see me at my blog or website. Would love to hear from you.

Cheryl (Karounos) Prater

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