Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a little update!!

We got the car back today... it was the choke that had died so the bill wasn't huge... just about $200...

Today I received the eyes I had ordered for my new resins and I gotta tell you girls, they are so real, they are creepy!! In a good way! Gosh they will look awesome in the dolls!!
Totally worth their price (about $45 per pair). Once you've tried crystal, you don't go back I supposed ;) I don't think I will ever use any other kind of eye lol.

I am feeling a little sick right now... I have been nursing a headache since this morning so I took something light for it... turns out it made me very sleepy... and it was still lingering so I took Excedrin... which got rid of the headache once and for all but now I am sick to my stomach and yes I took it on a full stomach...
I am not sure what's better... a headache or a churning stomach? Why can't they make medicine that makes you feel overall BETTER, not worse?

It's 2.30am here, I just finished sculpting for the day so I am off to sleep... I have loads of pictures to post in the morning though, so stay tuned!!


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