Thursday, May 21, 2009

i crashed... and then I burned!

For the past few weeks I have been sleeping little and poorly. The boys wake me up at night with complaints ranging from nightmares to wanting a drink... I usually get maybe 6 hrs of (interrupted) sleep at night, staying up working.
Especially now that the show is so near I have been sleeping even less...

Last night at around 10.30pm I remember sitting on the bed, willing myself to get up and go back to work... The next thing I remember is, it is 9.30 THE NEXT MORNING... I have no idea how the nanny got in the house... maybe I sleep walked over to the door to open it.
All I know is I slept for 11 hrs... went out COOOOLD ... and that my friends is called "crash and burn!".

On the up side, I feel GREAT except a HORRID hormonal migraine because I had my "visit from Aunt Flo" but nothing that a dose of Excedrin didn't cure. Of course I am ravenous lol...

So sorry girls if you are waiting on news or pics... but I went out cold last night in spite my best efforts to will myself to work. I promise you I will get back on it tonight.
For now I am taking the boys to swim class..and then to the toy store. It's my son's Nameday today and he's been waiting for this day to come for a month.. so he can buy a new toy train.
Oy, the joys of a parent ;)


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