Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh, pooh!!

Stayed up way too late last night to sculpt, then all I remember is getting up twice to get milk for the boys then opening the door for the nanny at 8.
Then I blacked out... I woke up at 10am to an empty house and glands in my neck the size of melons! I can't swallow and I feel run down. I have no other signs of a cold and I can feel some raised bumps at the back of my throat... hmmmm step-throat anyone?

Just want I needed right now... NOT!!
I will pop a couple of pills and keep at it though... I can rest when I'm dead, right? ;)

PS. And Greece was voted for the Finals in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. Go Sakis!!!
I felt VERY bad that Cyprus didn't make it, the song was AWESOME!!! Yet other trash songs did pass... :(


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