Sunday, May 24, 2009

Red Bull is my new best friend...

Since I was about 15, I drank coffee to wake up and all was good... But let me tell you, you don't know *tired* until you've had kids (Yes, I can see those of you who have kids nodding)... and it's not the kind of tired that will be cured by a good night's sleep either!
It's the kind of tired that will be cured only after several nights' worth of good sleep... looong luxurious hours of *uninterrupted* sleep, because even though my boys are now 3.5 years old and all the books and "experts" say they should be sleeping all through the night (where night is defined as being totally dark outside and not when you are no longer feeling tired John!), my boys, well... they don't!

So let me re-cap; I have a doll show on the 7th June... I am leaving in a week to see my friend who has graciously agreed to accept the dolls, store them and look after them, so I can swoop over and paint, hair and clothe them so I would save myself 400 E worth of shipping and re-shipping... and I am here, nowhere NEAR where I am supposed to be with work, dreary eyed, sleepy..and the darn coffee is not working!!!!

I used to work so much faster... since I've had the boys, I seem to be moving with the pace of a snail. I can see two reasons for that: a) My sculpts have about ten times as much detail and ten times less flaws than they had 3.5 years ago which in turns makes the creation of a limb go from an hour to 6 (!!!) if I am lucky... and b) I am much more tired than I was 3.5 years ago.
3.5 years ago my tiredness was cured by 8 solid hours of sleep... these days I am fighting off 3.5 cumulative years of not-sleeping properly... forget naps... there are NO naps anymore... and did I mention coffee is not working? I tried Red Bull.. it worked!! For 4 hours my eye lids were not heavy... but that was it.. I need 6 Red Bulls a day if I am to come close to my goal target of sculpting done...
Red Bull is now my new best friend... and I just sent my husband out to get me more!


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