Friday, May 29, 2009

UK Show information

If you are coming to the UK show and wish to place a pre-order on the new resins or buy a silicone or OOAK, here is your information!! :)

First of all it is a misconception that the resins are only available to the ladies in the UK. Anyone can order a completed resin *except* Alice. She is a DD Show exclusive so she can only be pre-ordered at the show. If you are in the US and wish to place an order, no problem!! Just have someone in the UK place it for you.
IF she does not sell out (limited edition of 10) at the show, then I will accept orders for her after the show.

The deposit for a pre-order is 350 GBP. You can pay with cash or use your credit card and pay via PayPal on the spot. I will have my laptop with me so you can access PayPal OR you can use the computers located in the hotel, whichever you feel more comfortable doing.
The deposit for a "Tiny Footprint" is 150 Euros.

Under certain provisions we *might* be able to accept personal cheques as well. I will be able to update the blog I think from the UK and let you know.
And of course keep checking back because the week before the show I will be posting PICTURES of the actual resins ;)

You will be able to view and cuddle all resins AND the Tiny Footprints OOAK. You will be able to inspect the resins and the OOAK and see exactly what the baby doll will look like.
And YES you can BUY the resins at the show too (limited number!!)

Well, I hope this helps!! Mail me with any questions you might have!!


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