Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Resins - Pictures at last

(click on any pics below to enlarge)
Small Miracle twins (sleeper with slender arms, awake with chubby arms)

Small Miracle Asleep as a boy

Small Miracle Asleep, full lips, painted hair.

Ooooh look, a hand!! (awake Small Miracle, slender arms)

Small Miracle Awake, 8 weeks old, hair, chubby arms

Alice (Alice shares the limbs with Small Miracle but belly plate is optional)
My frowning, 7.5lbs newborn cutie!!!!

Some FAQs:

Q; I would like to order an "Alice" but I am not in the UK, how can I order her if she is a show exclusive?

A: There will only be 10 Alice babies in the series that can be pre-ordered at the show in June. If you are in another country and want an Alice, it is possible to get one but you must have a UK friend place your order and deposit at the time of the show. Make sure she knows all the details of your order in advance (skin tone, hair color and type, magnet option, belly plate option, gender, name)

Q: Will you do a layaway?
A: Yes, with a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit and the rest in pre-agreed, equal installments.

Q: How big are the babies?
A: Alice and the Asleep version of Small Miracle are more or less Little Wonder size (meaning, true newborn size). They are chunky little things and wear newborn clothing, size 10lbs nicely.
The Awake version of Small Miracle, can be done in newborn size with the slender arms or in 6-8 week size with the chubby arms and a bigger body.

Q: Can they have painted hair?
A: Alice and the asleep SM yes. Due to the pate necessary for eye insertion, just painted hair is not a good option for the awake version but if you are opting for very little hair, I can do a partially painted, partial wig combo that looks very newborn.

Q: Are the dolls only available from you?
A: Alice will be a show exclusive so yes. There will be a very limited number of Small Miracles available from About Face Dolls after the show. The rest of the edition will be sold by myself.

Q: If I place a pre-order at the show, how soon can I expect my doll?
A: I do not work on unpaid dolls because I have no room to store them especially if they are on layaway and because I had quite a few people unable to complete layaways. Your doll will be ready to be shipped approximately 6 to 8 weeks after complete payment has been received or sooner if at all possible.

Q: Will you stand by these dates?
A: I will do my absolute best to give and keep accurate shipping dates, yes. If for any reason there is any delay I will let you know but since the molding is already done and of course based on the pourer's schedule, the waiting time has been cut very short compared to previous editions.

Q: What kind of shipping options do you offer and how much do they cost?
A: For Europe: Air Mail or EMS (note that the UK does not accept EMS). I am not sure of the exact cost since I need to weigh the dolls first and transit times with Air Mail are 7-21 days for Europe and for EMS, 3-5 days.
For the USA: Air Mail (14-21 days non-traceable I think), EMS 5-7 days traceable (but pricey).
For Australia: Air Mail (14-30 days), EMS 7-9 days (please note EMS is quite expensive for Australia!!)

In any case shipping choices are up to you and how much you are willing to pay for shipping. I do not charge a handling fee. I will be posting a scanned price list from the post office in a few days.


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